New Year. New Risks. New Website.

Monday, December 26, 2016 10:00 PM

For most of us, 2017 holds the promise of something new.  For us, 2017 holds new risks and new leaps of faith in our efforts to reach the Karimojong with the Gospel of Jesus.  If you're interested in knowing more, you can check out our new website.  2017 will take us to the harsh, high deserts of Karimoja, toward deeper relationships with the poor and oppressed and, we pray, our most impactful service yet (we aren’t moving there yet, just leading the effort).  We are eager to work alongside of Karimojong who want to return to their war-torn homes to escape the urban slums and start a new life.  At the center of it all is a non-negotiable call to make disciples among the Karimojong Tribe.  We have chosen three platforms for building these relationships - agribusiness, resettlement and simple church.  Our approach has been shaped by our experience and a constant pursuit to build dignified relationships that more readily allow us to challenge the prevelant poverty of heart, mind and soul. We pray this year will put us in the best position yet, in order that we can speak the truth over the Karimjong - that they are created in the Image of God and that He has made a way for them to journey back toward the person He created them to be -  full, satisfied, loved, joyful, rested, home.  Home in spirit.  Home in body.  If you want to know more about our journey alongside the Karimojong, find out more here.