Simple Church was born with a vision distinct from other churches.  It is not a better church, but it is a different church meant to empower the poor.   It is wise to see how models translate into foreign cultures.  In Uganda, the poor enter churches and instantly believe they are unqualified to lead God's people due to their poverty.  This model unintentionally disempowers the poor, elevates the rich and makes Westerners a primary ingredient for church growth.  This means the faithful poor feel disempowered while attracting leaders who are more capable yet often seeking selfish gain.

Simple Church is our effort to do church in a way that the poor can experience and say, “I can do this too!”  Our model focuses more on the mission to make disciples with knowledge that Christ has made it easy for anyone, anywhere of any socio-economic status to engage in church life and powerful Kingdom ministry.  We desire to empower the poor as disciples who make disciples while filtering out opportunists who use the Gospel for their own prosperity.

We pray our church translates into Ugandan culture, elevating dependency on God as provider and builder of His church.  We pray that Ugandans will realize that God has given them all they need to be exactly who He's called them to be.

In relationship to Karimojong resettlement, we are seeking to send a family from among our church family to live and homestead among the Karimojong resettlement community.  While we pray for resettlement and a more prosperous life for the Karimojong, our ultimate goal is to make disciples in the community who go and do the same.  We know that those transformed by the Gospel will give generously of what they have.  And we believe generosity could lead to a resettlement movement among the people.